Photo taken at the Summer Dance 2018

Hello!   David and Lynn welcome you to their online home of 'Are You Dancing'.

We are a Dance School based in Dalbeattie .  We have two evenings set aside for teaching Sequence, Ballroom and Latin dances to couples at the moment.  We are often asked if single dancers can come along and we would welcome single women and encourage single men who would like to learn to dance to please get in touch.  01556611036 or 07762823832

After a very successful 'Strictly' themed Dance cruise as Sequence Dance specialists on the P&O ship Ventura in July 2013 we were asked to consider additional cruises.  We then accepted 7 contracts for P&O cruises each of the past three years where we have been teaching dance classes each sea day as well as hosting evening dances. We have been lucky to have been the dance instructors on four 'Strictly' cruises to date.  We have been travelling as far afield as Barbados, Iceland, Genoa, Rome, Olympia, Santorini,New York, Quebec, Istanbul and many more fantastic places.

After a busy 4 years we have decided to cut back on our cruises and now have classes each Tuesday and Friday in the Parish Hall, Haugh of Urr, DG7 3YA,                                                                                       

(check with Calendar for holidays and class dates)

Revised for January 2018

Tuesdays - Absolute Beginners' class from 6.30pm to 7.30pm £5/person

From 7.30pm to 9pm.  Problem Solving and Technique development.  We will be teaching some new Ballroom and Latin figures.  £10/couple/evening

Fridays 6.30pm to 8pm

Start off with the easier of the dances progressing to more challenging ones.  Teaching of some well established basic dances and some more challenging ones will take place during this time.

8pm - Short break for a cuppa

8.20pm to 9.30pm

More challenging dances with some technique.

Prices for 2018: Still no change since 2011.

Tuesday & Friday lessons = £5 per person.  

Private Lessons - £45/hour including hall hire (Regular class members - £40)

Special Gift Certificates -

3 x private lessons = £135 (this includes 1 free class lessons) or

6 x private lessons = £270 (this includes 2 free class lessons)

We hope you enjoy our website, why not look at the services we offer or just get in touch.

01556611036 or 07762823832

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