These video clips are available to the class members and can be accessed by obtaining the current password. Class members are asked to respect the wishes that these be kept for the benefit of our own class members. Click on the link below. The date along side is when each dance was invented.
Click to see Dances so far are :-

General Warm Up Dance
Samba Warm Up Dance
Ballroom Waltz 1
Ballroom Waltz 2
Kuranda Waltz 2006
Waltz Catherine 1956
Ballroom Foxtrot
Ballroom Quickstep
Kelham Quickstep 2011
Mayfair Quickstep 1958
Wattle Bossa Nova 2009
Square Tango 1920
Tango Giovanni 2008
Starmer Swing 2011
Blue Angel Rumba 2006
Rumba D'Amour 2003
Social Jive
Social Double Beat Jive
Rockafella Jive 2009
Mambo Marina 2009
Caribbean Samba 2010
Latin Cha Cha Cha 
Sally Ann Cha Cha Cha 1973 
Valentina Cha Cha Cha 2012
Balmoral Blues 1971
Saunter Together 1975
Paso La Paz 2008
Silver Fir Foxtrot 2015
Saucy Salsa 2014
Hoabie Quickstep 2013


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